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Author Services

We offer essential support to writers including editing, formatting and marketing assistance, enhancing their creative works and navigating the publishing process effectively.

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First-Time Authors

For New Authors with no manuscript or a partial manuscript.
A uniquely designed package that guides the new author through writing, editing and marketing to self-publishing and launching their book.

Experienced Authors

For Published Authors or New Authors with a manuscript.
Editing and formatting services to assist authors in preparing their books for publication.


Unlock the power of captivating storytelling with our Ghostwriting Service, curated and crafted by June Russell-Alexander. With her keen editorial eye and writing prowess, June brings narratives to life, seamlessly blending her expertise with your vision.

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Our Story

Russell-Alexander Publishing, formerly Temple Woman Publishing, was established to support new authors in writing, editing, marketing and self-publishing their books; and to support experienced, published authors in preparing their books for publication.

With us, new authors can focus on their writing and enjoy the process without the pressure of deadlines,  or concerns about their inexperience while published authors can be assured that their manuscript is in safe hands.

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