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June Russell-Alexander, of Russell-Alexander Publishing, is an experienced, genuine and reliable editor who guided me expertly through the editing process and self-publication of my first book.

June managed a realistic timescale throughout and was tremendous in helping me to navigate the various hurdles to the final production of the book. I’m very grateful for her wisdom, patience and understanding.

I would thoroughly recommend June and her Team at Russell- Alexander Publishing.

Anne Matthews

What is my child telling me that I'm not getting...yet?

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding service provided to me by Russell Alexander Publishing. June demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, dedication, and a genuine passion for my story.

Showing unwavering support throughout every stage of the process, June provided regular updates, clear communication, and a collaborative approach that truly inspired me to keep going and elevated me to new heights. I was able to make my dream of publishing a novel come true.

When I think back to our first meeting to now, with my book completed and published, I want to thank June for her expert advice, encouragement and taking me on this extraordinary journey of writing, editing, designing, publishing and launching my book.

I wholeheartedly recommend Russell Alexander Publishing to any aspiring author.

Clare Gallagher

Birds of A Feather Flock Together

Russell Alexander Publishing was amazing from the outset when I had my first meeting with June and she made me feel totally at ease with the process.

June has been a great support throughout my writing journey and, when I felt self-doubt creeping in, she encouraged me to keep going and I’m glad I did!

Gurchen Singh

The Spirit Within

From the minute I first met June, I knew she was the editor for me. Straight talking, supportive, a mentor, a guide and a friend. Nothing was too much trouble.

The editing and formatting process was made much easier by working with June than going alone. I would like to thank her for her professionalism throughout the editing process.

Building a strong relationship with an editor is a must for any writer and June builds good relationships with her clients.

I highly recommend Russell-Alexander Publishing to all authors.

Lindsay Banks

The Martyrs of Wigtown