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Author Services

Holistic Approach

As each author’s journey is different, we specialise in providing personalised guidance and support to new and seasoned authors.

We take a holistic approach to the author’s creative journey, providing not only comprehensive editing, coaching and guidance on writing techniques, content development and self-publishing but also a mindful approach to the author’s wellbeing. As writing can be isolating, particularly for new authors, we provide support, encouragement and motivation. This empathic approach helps authors overcome self-doubt, writer’s block and creative hurdles and helps build confidence and resilience.

Each author has unique strengths and challenges and so we provide personalised guidance, tailored edits and editorial feedback at each stage of the creative process.

We view our relationship with our authors as a collaborative partnership, based on mutual respect and trust, in which we work together to achieve the author’s goals.

Editing Approach

As an editor, June has a keen eye for detail, content development, consistency of style and tone and accuracy. Her goal is to polish and elevate each author’s manuscript while preserving the authenticity of their unique voice whatever their genre.

During the creative process, authors may experience personal transformation and empowerment. June helps authors to use these experiences to elevate their work. Whether it’s recognising limiting beliefs or enhancing personal narratives, she guides authors toward meaningful and impactful writing.

Recognising the power of the authentic connection between an author and their readers, she helps authors to infuse their work with sincerity and authenticity, helping the author to create a book that can entertain, educate, inspire, inform, heal and/or enlighten the reader.