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Our Story

Words that ignite, voices that inspire

Our Story

Russell-Alexander Publishing, formerly Temple Woman Publishing, was established to support new authors in writing, editing, marketing and self-publishing their books; and to support experienced, published authors in preparing their books for publication. With us, new authors can focus on their writing and enjoy the process without the pressure of deadlines, or concerns about their inexperience while published authors can be assured that their manuscript is in safe hands.

As Editor, I’m dedicated to helping authors produce the best version of their work while preserving their unique voice. I have a profound appreciation for language and literature and my editing expertise, combined with a genuine desire to assist authors, allows me to approach manuscripts with objectivity, honesty and empathy. With us, you will find a warm welcome, a nurturing community of like-minded people and a home for your creative facility. It’s a place of acceptance and understanding, of transparency and authenticity; a place to write, to create and to be your true self.

June Russell-Alexander

Our Commitment to Ethical Content

Our Ethos

We pride ourselves on curating and promoting books that reflect our values of inclusivity, diversity, tolerance, respect and social responsibility. As stewards of the written word, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling to not only entertain but also to educate, inspire, uplift, and broaden perspectives.

While we deeply value creative expression, we hold firm to our standards and will respectfully decline to work with authors whose fiction or non-fiction books promote any of the following:

Gratuitous violence – sexual or otherwise
The “Dark Arts”- harmful occult practices
Exploitation, abuse and cruelty of humans and animals
Destruction of the natural world
Religious or Political fanaticism
Bigotry or Prejudice in any form

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just beginning your journey, we welcome your unique perspectives and creative voices and invite you to join us in shaping a brighter, more compassionate world through the power of literature.

Connect with us today and turn possibilities into reality.