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Keeping In Balance

Keeping In Balance

Keeping In Balance

Author: Laura Bartlam

Published: 8 April, 2024

One dark and rainy night in 2011, my life changed forever. On my way to watch my brother’s band, a 52-seater coach hit my car. As we stood on the side of the dual carriageway, thunder and lightning began to crash in the skies above. Little did I know that a storm was brewing in my mind.

Severe mental illness followed. I was diagnosed with PTSD and, two years later, I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

However, this book isn’t about my illness. It’s about my journey to wellness; about all the things that have kept me stable for the past seven years and I’m now in a position to use my darkest days to help others through theirs.

Everyone has mental health and is important to look after it.

I hope this book empowers people to explore new ideas and discover new strategies that improve their mood.

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