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What is My Child Telling Me

What is My Child Telling Me

What is My Child Telling Me

Author: Anne Matthews

Published: 2 November, 2023

The concept of Baby Body Language (BBL) reveals how life was in the womb for your child and how delivery and birth leave their early imprints physically, emotionally and psychologically. The author guides the reader in how to read and interpret BBL by sharing captivating stories from parents she has worked with therapeutically over the past 35 years.

Expect to be offered insightful reasons and solutions to the range of challenges that children have in reaching many of their developmental milestones. Such common challenges are seen in the unsettled newborn who cries excessively or has issues around sleeping, feeding, colic, reflux and poo-ing; the older baby who dislikes tummy time, crawling and sleeping on their back; the toddler who has emotional meltdowns and shows early signs of developmental delay; and the older child who has difficulty with coordination, balance, behaviour regulation and learning. Look forward to being more empathetic and compassionate for the journey that your child has made in being born.

This book facilitates more wholesome and connected relationships, as reading and interpreting your child’s Baby Body Language is an invaluable gift for parents.

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