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Who were the Martyrs of Wigtown?

Who were the Martyrs of Wigtown?

Who were the Martyrs of Wigtown?

Author: Lindsay Banks

Published: 27 July, 2023

This book was inspired by the author’s visit to the Martyrs of Wigtown stake in Wigtown, south-west Scotland, a small town also known as ‘The Book Town’.

She was visiting the area in the summer of 2022 and, having visited the Martyr’s Stake and wanted to discover more about these two women who had been killed. She couldn’t find anything except for a plaque by the footpath briefly describing the martyrs names and the reason they were killed.

Some people believe that the martyrs were never actually killed and that it was a story made up to put fear into Covenantors around Scotland who, at the time, were growing in number and rebelling against the King and the system. However, if they were killed for their beliefs, the author believes that these women deserve to have their stories told.

Her book is fiction, based ono the available facts.

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